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Product Overview

Software AG's ARIS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Platform enables enterprises to confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks.


Meet internal and external legal and regulatory requirements and manage enterprise risks using the ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform. Our process-driven solution combines Business Process Analysis (BPA) with audit-proof workflows, turning risk and compliance management into a strategic management tool.


What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Identify, document, assess and report on financial impacts and probability of risks
  • Reduce risks with appropriate measures
  • Simulate risks in a process
  • Document incidents and losses


  • Create workflows and initiate improvements for identified issues
  • Track and follow-up on issue-related action items
  • Define clear issue resolution responsibilities
  • Document issues from creation to completion


  • Build and verify an effective internal control system
  • Use predefined workflows and automatically triggered notifications
  • Manage various laws and regulations and prove compliance to external auditors
  • Manage and track performance results using management dashboards

Key Benefits

  • Comply with confidence
    Establish controls and acceptable levels of risk. Stay in alignment with your organization’s objectives and policies. Reduce conflicts between business and control departments.
  • Increase business agility
    Identify non-conformance and the root cause to take quick action.
  • Adapt faster to new regulations
    Break down legislation and regulations into control requirements that can be handled sensibly.
  • Identify and decrease risks
    Identify, document and assess risks; evaluate financial impact and probability; and define measures to minimize risks.
  • Decrease risk of penalties
    Minimize top management exposure to devastating penalties for compliance violations.
  • Manage questionnaires with predefined scores
    Conduct periodic or one-time surveys—scenarios include risk identification, supplier audits, business impact analysis and more.
  • Analyze and communicate risk exposure
    Simulate risk events along defined business process chains; analyze dependencies between business processes, risks and controls; and use statistical methods to define risk probabilities and damage distributions. Describe and analyze risk scenarios in detail; describe different risk scenarios; and communicate risk treatment to third parties.
  • Decrease complexity
    Integrate all regulatory demands into a single approach and Internal Control System (ICS). Create issues for identified problems and weaknesses in the internal control system so improvements can be initiated. Track action with two-stage issue workflow.
  • Improve monitoring and reporting
    Monitor GRC processes with desktop or mobile dashboards. Reduce redundancy and ensure consistency in data and reports.
  • Improve efficiency
    Standardize GRC processes using an integrated platform across all different risk and compliance areas. This central hub also provides a “single point of truth” for all compliance activities.
  • Simplify audits
    Schedule audit related tasks and get efficient support for your time management and reporting. The platform also includes a “self-audit” capability and a seamless audit trail. Reduce audit fees and re-use process documentation.
  • Manage incidents efficiently
    Use the system to easily document incidents and resulting loss or damage. Basel II and Solvency II requirements are covered. Publish corporate guidelines and get confirmation from the appropriate people that policies have been applied. Launch and document training.
  • Use real data in real-time
    Monitor operational processes continuously and trigger test cases, risk assessments, incidents or issues automatically if necessary. Be proactive instead of reactive. Cover 100 percent of data instead of just samples.