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Network with experts and other students! Get the answers you’re looking for!

Our communities are the place where you can get ahead, improve your skills, and talk to experts and people who think like you. We invite you to discover new ideas and share your findings. Take advantage of many different ready-to-go training and teaching materials to save you time!
Join our communities and benefit from free Software AG product offerings, entire education packages, tutorials and support.


ARIS Community is all about our market-leading ARIS products and solutions. It is about learning more and learning easier! The university area of ARIS community focuses on research and education. So this is just the place for professors and students to get free educational ARIS products as well as entire ARIS education packages. Thanks to ready-to-go teaching and training materials, faculty members can speed up their lecture preparations.

All ARIS Community members can network and discuss all kinds of BPM topics with fellow students as well as experts, and additionally choose from an extensive selection of tutorials to watch. Use the forums to get answers to your questions and get ahead! Participate in Research and Idea Contests, win tickets for exciting events and keep an eye out for free trainings .



Tech Community is all about tips and tricks around Software AG´s product portfolio, contributing and connecting! Join this community to learn, talk and share all about innovating and exciting software, such as Terracotta, Adabas-Natural, Alfabet, Apama, and webMethods.

This is the place to get the support you’re looking for: talk to peers, experts and digital leaders. Complete education packages and entire education projects, get code samples, free add-on products, and win tickets to great events. Get to know the TechCommunity!

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