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You can’t avert risk events—but you can manage them with improved supply chain visibility across your global supply chain.

Understand and prepare for what could disrupt your supply chain:

  • • Model risk scenarios to understand your vulnerabilities
  • • Monitor risks in real time through live data feeds and real-time analytics
  • • Respond automatically to risks passing specified thresholds

Key Benefits

  • Model supply chain risk scenarios
    • Model your supply chain and related processes
    • Improve supply chain visibility to identify the risks that could affect supply chain elements
    • Determine possible responses to risk escalations
  • Monitor supply chain risks in real time
    • Analyzes customer history for patterns
    • Incorporate real-time big data feeds on weather, geopolitical risks and more
    • Leverage real-time analytics to receive real-time alerts when risk levels change
  • Respond automatically to risks passing specified thresholds
    • Operationalize responses modeled in advance of events
    • Integrate with other key supply chain management systems
    • Respond automatically to specific threats with specific actions
    • Minimize supply chain vulnerability through rapid response

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