conXion 2021

                Product training

                Become an expert on Software AG products

At this year's event, complete complimentary training on the products that will make your enterprise a truly connected one. Get certified and take your career to the next level. All available 24/7 in our session zone.

                A new approach to Learning

Speaker: Cynthia Stegall, Sr. Director - Learner Experience, Product Enablement, Software AG

Abstract: If you're looking for more product training but it always seems out of reach, then this quick 15-minute session that outlines Software AG's new approach to learning is for YOU! 

You’ll learn how to:      

  • Get access to a FREE catalog of self-paced, hands-on training courses designed to support users of all levels across the Software AG product families.
  • Determine which FREE courses are right for you or your team designed on where you are in your journey.
  • Register to take NEW Associate- and Professional-level Product Certifications without the need to travel (NEW online proctoring options).
  • And, build your own personal brand across social media using Software AG’s NEW Digital Product Badges.

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