Adabas Auditing for z/OS

Take advantage of this fact sheet detailing all the ins and outs of how Adabas Auditing for z/OS operates. As a secure and intuitive web-based tool, expect your organization to be as visible and transparent as you need it to be while remaining completely compliant and cyber-secure in a landscape continually facing ever-growing regulations.

Track and trace access and data modifications without worry. Stay on top of data security. Indexyou’re your long-term archives safely. Imagine multiple applications, end users and services accessing all your data regularly without having to be concerned with security breaches and compliance problems. That’s the goal already reached and exceeded by Adabas Auditing for z/OS.

Stay on top of your data security and compliance regulations right now with Adabas Auditing for z/OS. Check out this fact sheet for more information.