PT Trinet Prima Solusi

                    PT Trinet Prima Solusi

Industry: Government, Public sector


PT TRINET PRIMA SOLUSI (TRINET) was founded in 2002 in Jakarta. Its core business is themed around "end-to-end solutions." TRINET is a system integrator with competence in hardware infrastructure, network security, data center and business applications.

Our technical team designs, builds and supports your mission-critical systems. We help you to stretch your IT budget by working systematically, efficiently and managing the project costs and TCO.

We fully understand that every customer is unique, so we always position ourselves as your consultant to give the right solutions with proper investments. Our experiences have enriched us to help our customers in increasing their businesses and support their operational cost effectiveness, which in the end will increase the company’s business competitiveness in the market.

OUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Assist clients in applying the right information technology solutions in their organizations to achieve their business goals by providing the proper and cost-effective solutions, good services, reliable and continuous support to the IT investment and its development in the future.


  • Data center infrastructure
  • System hardware infrastructure
  • Network and security
  • Business applications
Countries Partner Types Product Categories Industries
  • Indonesia
  • Implementation Partner
  • Sales Partner
  • Solution Partner
  • Integration and APIs
  • Government
  • Public sector


Chandradi Halim
Managing Director
Phone: +62 21 34831212
Address: Jl. Tanah Abang II, No. 104A · Jakarta 10150 · Indonesia