Get a product training plan tailored to your needs

                Make the most of your Software AG products with the help of our Education Services team.

                How can we help your team learn today?

Meet your exact needs, fill skills gaps, and get familiar with new product capabilities as you become a truly connected enterprise. In addition to Software AG's self-service learning portal, our Education Services team offers several high-quality training solutions to support your team’s product adoption.

Your training approach is...yours. Our team will work with you to create the learning experience best suited to meet your needs. Combine different training options, self-paced and instructor led, with standard or customized content, to know you are on the right path to success with our products.

These training experiences are held on-site or virtually, and are designed to:

  • Fill gaps in existing users’ technical knowledge
  • Introduce new product capabilities to your team
  • Take a deep dive into a specific area of product application
  • Share best practices for technology usage
  • Demonstrate cross-functionality of solutions across the enterprise
  • Empower your team to independently use solutions, reducing the need for IT support

…and more!


                    “When calculated using sound methodology, training has been shown to provide significant return on investment: on the order of 5 to 200 percent.”

– Steve Muench, PhD, PE, University of California Berkeley

                Benefits of a customized training plan

Empower your team to meet project goals faster with expert trainer guidance and get the most from your Software AG products.

                Flexible training options

Through our flexible training options, we align your business objectives with our technical capabilities and increase employee competency (and confidence).

                Public and private sessions

Education Services offers Software AG Training solutions in a group setting (up to 10 people) as either private or public sessions.

                Remote or virtual learning

Choose your preferred delivery model. Remote or Virtual classroom, on-site or at our training facility – we’ll work with you to determine the right location for your team.

                Instructor-led training

Get live, instructor-led training from experts who understand your product inside and out. Receive instant feedback and answers to questions in real time.

                    Take your team’s training to the next level

Speak to an expert about your training needs and start building a customized plan today