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Downloads - Guidelines


Our Download section provides you with the Software AG corporate logo, photos of the management, events and company buildings. You will also find graphics, TV footage material and IT surveys commissioned by Software AG.   

All material (pictures, videos and documents) can be used free of charge for PR purposes in compliance with the following:

Software AG is the exclusive owner of the usage rights for all material provided here. Software AG permits the commercial duplication and distribution of this material only within the framework of press-related duplication and distribution, any other type of commercial use is prohibited and requires previous permission from Software AG. The use of this material is permitted only if the name “Software AG” is indicated. The only changes permitted are those affecting the size of the images and the length of the TV footage. These guidelines are also applicable to the Software AG logo. The logo is a registered trademark of Software AG.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions: corpcom@softwareag.com