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webMethods Mobile Designer

Develop once, deploy anywhere.


Mobile Application Development

Create enterprise mobile applications the easy way

Speed up app development for your mobile users. With webMethods Mobile Designer, you can extend your Java-based apps in one step to virtually any mobile device.

Unified development environment

With webMethods Mobile Designer, you can extend your Java®-based apps in one step to virtually any mobile device. Extend your Java-based applications in any direction you want. By using the integrated desktop device simulator you can develop your solutions without having all target handsets in hand.

Project readability at all stages

webMethods Mobile Designer generates and automatically converts your applications at the source code level. As a result, the end products created for each device maintain all the readability present in the original. No clarity of design is sacrificed if you choose to work with your solutions at the target native level.


webMethods Mobile Designer lets you quickly and efficiently target multiple platforms and devices, either directly from the Java source or via the CrossCompiler. Count on an extensive set of libraries that follow the Java API definitions for each platform, so you can focus on developing your application without worrying about platform specifics.

Deploy your mobile enterprise apps easily on these platforms:

  • Android®
  • iOS (iPhone® / iPad®)
  • Windows® Phone 8
  • Windows® 8
  • Windows® RT

Native UI

Your mobile applications are fully native, presenting mobile users with exactly the experience they’d expect from their device. webMethods Mobile Designer automatically translates a single application design and codebase to generate native projects for the target handset. The software does all the “heavy lifting” for you, integrating with official handset manufacturer Software Development Kits (SDKs) and giving you access to the latest handset features as they are released.

Third-party libraries

Integrate third-party libraries and add custom native source code to your project for some platforms and not others. Because cross compilation happens at the source-code level, webMethods Mobile Designer makes it easy to change or enhance your applications.

How it works

To find out more about the technology and what happens in the background when you start the cross compiling, continue reading here.