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You won't need to make any changes to any existing application created in a Java® environment when you use webMethods Mobile Designer. In fact, you can use parameters within your code to easily optimize the codebase and resources for different handsets. That means you need to maintain only a single codebase and set of assets for the project as a whole.

webMethods Mobile Designer treats non-Java devices the same way. It adds only one step in the development process by translating the Java source code into human-readable C++, preserving all comments. You can compare code line by line with the original source. It's as if the generated code was ported from Java to C++ by hand.

At this point, you can change the generated code to make use of any of the native features of the device.

Code is then compiled using the device or OS specific compiler and linked with webMethods Mobile Designer libraries on the target platform that mimic standard JSR libraries.

The net result: your application written in Java is quickly cross-compiled to run on any of the native platforms we support. In every case, we make use of the device or manufacturer-specific tools and utilities to generate final code.

webMethods Mobile Designer - How It Works

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