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Business Model & Segments

Business segments:

The Software AG Group consists of three business divisions: Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS), Business Process Excellence, and Consulting.

 Business Lines & Development

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Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS) 
With our data management (ETS) business line we have played a vital role in the IT landscapes of companies and government agencies around the world for many years. Software AG provides software solutions for mainframes and modernizes mainframe-based IT systems. In this way, we ensure the long-term protection of customers’ investments. Adabas offers our customers a high-performance database that is able to process 320,000 calls or 80,000 transactions per second. For decades, the Natural development environment has been the foundation of hundreds of thousands of software applications that make up the technical backbone of core processes at large companies and government agencies. Today, customers modernize their application infrastructures with our help by optimizing their performance and opening up their business-critical systems to new environments such as the Internet and digital business. The ETS business line includes technologies such as database management, application development, and application modernization.  


Business Process Excellence
Our comprehensive Business Process Excellence offering covers the entire life cycle of business processes. The webMethods products enable customers to develop and run automated, flexible, and efficient business processes using data from existing systems (business process management, BPM). This is achieved through Web-based programs that, as Web services, can be easily controlled and managed within a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The rapid creation of new processes through the reuse of programs or parts of programs in these Web services, the control of these services, and the monitoring of all created applications in real time are equally important. In this way, IT provides optimum support for the business development of an organization. The webMethods technologies include control software for service-oriented architectures (SOA governance), business process management (BPM), business activity monitoring (BAM), enterprise service bus (ESB), and B2B integration technology.

The second pillar of the Business Process Excellence business line is the ARIS product line, which was acquired with IDS Scheer AG in 2009. According to market analysts, the Saarbrücken, Germany-based company was the global leader in business process analysis. Its software products, IT solutions, and services provide companies and government agencies with one of the world’s most innovative and comprehensive BPM offerings. The key software product is the ARIS Platform for Process Excellence, an integrated solution portfolio for business process strategy, analysis, design, and control. The two BPE product lines are perfect complements to each other and enable organizations to establish a complete solution for optimization and operation of business processes.

Software AG’s product business line BPE is supplemented by the Global Consulting Services (GCS) business unit, an integral component of our solutions offering. This unit’s consulting specialists implement customized IT solutions based on our own products and thereby provide customers with further operational benefits for their business. GCS offers consulting on service-oriented architectures (SOA), business process management (BPM), IT transformation, and customized resolution to product-specific issues. GCS is a Software AG-internal group. As such, it differentiates itself from other IT service providers by having the best product expertise in the market thanks to close cooperation with R&D departments and proximity to customers.  


In addition to the ETS and BPE product offerings Global Consulting Services helps organizations optimize their strategic business and technology investments and achieve greater added value through implementation of service-oriented architectures (SOA) and BPM/BPA solutions, especially in SAP environments.

A key topic for our consulting units is the transformation of IT to a digital enterprise. The main triggers of IT transformation projects today are overly complex IT structures, the need to modernize home-grown application landscapes, and the resulting unmanageable maintenance costs. Transformation initiatives rattle the foundations of companies’ existing IT architectures. Transforming an existing IT landscape to a new architecture does not just involve radically changing the information technology itself, but all the processes in an organization as well. The far-reaching implications of IT transformation for an organization increase the need for consulting. The goal of Software AG consulting is to harmonize and further develop IT systems, thereby enabling change and innovation based on existing systems. This makes the IT more agile and able to adapt to ever changing business requirements.