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Mission & Targets

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and exploit the growth potential of digital business models for our customers and enable the Digital Enterprise and the Digital Administration.


  • New Business: Digital Business (formerly BPE)
    Software AG will expand its new business in the coming years. The Digital Business relies on the organic growth of integration technology and business process management. A key driver of future growth will be the expansion of our technology growth areas around big data, in-memory technology and real-time analysis. In addition, the indirect sales via partners will expand. M&A will continue to be an integral part of corporate strategy with focus on technology acquisitions.

  • Traditional Business: Adabas & Natural (formerly ETS)
    The traditional mainframe products Adabas (database management) and Natural (application development) are indispensable for many customers. Investment in the expansion and modernization of established systems are the basis for further licensing revenue, whereas the majority of sales are driven by long-term maintenance customers. Consolidation, outsourcing and migration to smaller operating systems lead to a melting of the Adabas & Natural business volume.