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Adabas for Mainframe

The fastest OLTP database on earth!

Data Security & Compliance

Product Benefits
Event Analytics for Adabas
  • Goes beyond traditional performance monitoring to allow you to monitor event streams, detect and analyze event patterns, and take action immediately
  • By proactively identifying problems and potential fraud, you can provide a secure environment for protecting sensitive data
  • Continuously analyze data to optimize operations, mitigate risk and seize opportunities in real time

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Adabas SAF Security
  • Validates each end user using RACF®, TOP Secret or ACF2 security definitions before allowing access to Adabas
  • Enables you to monitor SAF operations and all aspects of your system with greater ease

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Data Archiving for Adabas
  • Gives you a well-managed, automated and secure way to store, search and recall archived data
  • Improves the performance of your primary database
  • Saves you up to 30 percent on storage costs by archiving unneeded data on a cheaper storage device
  • Get to archived data at any time
  • Reduces the time of planned and unplanned outages
  • Helps you meet data retention requirements

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