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Mainframe Modernization

Get more value from your existing apps.


Feature Benefit
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  • Decrease maintenance efforts up to 90 percent

  • Analyze Natural code automatically and scrub bad or redundant code

  • Improve application maintainability with automated refactoring and code changes

  • Easily transform single applications into multi-tier or service-oriented applications

  • Re-use mainframe applications in new self-service environments

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webMethods EntireX
  • Enables true bi-directional service wrapping

  • Turn existing application functions into new high-value business services quickly and easily

  • Rapidly create new .NET, Java® or Web services comprised of business logic and transactions from a wide range of host environments

  • Trigger business processes from your established mainframe applications

  • Reduce costs by easily re-using existing functionality to meet new business needs

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webMethods ApplinX
  • Transform core systems from inflexible screen-based programs into modern Web interfaces

  • Create high-value business services—no changes to existing code are required!

  • Encapsulate user sessions or screens into ready-to-use .NET, Java® or Web services

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webMethods JIS
  • A risk-free, cost-effective way to provide graphical thin-client access to your existing legacy applications

  • Quickly convert green screens into modern Web interfaces

  • Mobile-enable your core applications so people can reach them via an Apple® iPad®

  • Modernize both mainframe and iSeries® (AS/400®) applications rapidly and conveniently using the same tool

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  • Seamlessly integrate enterprise data with existing and new apps by providing real-time, SQL-based access to relational and non-relational data sources

  • Data can be accessed as if it were stored in one relational database—even though it may come from different applications, Web services and other data sources

  • Easily gain a single view of data from non-relational and relational databases

  • Ensure secure data access—CONNX respects all existing database security and uses 128-bit key encryption


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