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Software AG’s Natural Application Development Platform enables rapid development and deployment of enterprise applications that meet the demands of mission-critical businesses.


Feature Benefits
Integrated development environment Eclipse™-based tool environment supports all development, maintenance and modernization tasks.
Works on many platforms Develop and deploy Natural application on mainframe and LUW platforms.
Easy to learn Simple and efficient, Natural requires fewer lines of code for a given task than other development languages. The language is so easy to learn that developers new to Natural can be trained and productive in a matter of weeks.
Productivity tools Increases developer productivity and code quality with tools that automate development and test tasks.
Works with other environments Natural integrates seamlessly with other application environments—for example, packaged applications, cloud-based, Java® or .NET.
Access to multiple database management systems Use common data and SQL access to many database systems, such as Adabas, DB2®, Oracle® and SQL Server®
Security Natural has built-in application security capabilities for authentication and authorization.
Life-cycle management Manage and control application source code and deployment processes.
Web applications Natively develop rich and mobile Web applications without the need to learn Web technologies.
SOA support Develop standalone or distributed applications supporting service-oriented environments.
Mainframe support Natural provides comprehensive support of latest IBM® System z features, such as IBM zIIP™, and other mainframe environments.
Portability Move application source code easily to another platform—for example, from mainframe to Linux.