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MashZone NextGen Business Analytics

Insights in an instant.



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What you can do with:

MashZone NextGen Business Analytics

  • Build and share point-and-click dashboards

  • Easily connect to different data sources

  • Always take action based on the latest analytics using the auto-refresh widgets

Self-service analytics for business users—that’s what MashZone NextGen Business Analytics (formerly known as Presto) is all about. People across your enterprise can create insightful dashboards directly from live information sources. Combine data from any source—data warehouses, ARIS, XML files, databases, streaming big data and even Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. View dashboards on any device, anywhere, for right-time decision-making.

Used for:
self-service analytics; in-memory analytics; operational intelligence; data visualization; situational awareness; self-service dashboarding


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