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Predictive Analytics for Apama

Insight for intelligent and agile decisions.



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See how to unleash the power of predictive analytics

What you can do with:

Predictive Analytics for Apama

  • Predict and respond to significant events before they happen

  • Increase the efficiency of data science operations

  • Achieve a stronger, sustainable competitive advantage

Spot hidden and unexpected patterns within your data to build a complete picture of how and why critical events occur. With the Predictive Analytics for Apama add-on, you can leverage predictive analytics models within Apama Streaming Analytics. Rapidly deploy and operate predictive models that reveal key insights. Extract the maximum value possible from big data in motion or high-velocity events, and create repeatable, self-learning processes that adjust dynamically over time.

Used for:
data science—deploying predictive analytics models from the laboratory into an operating environment, predictive maintenance, smart logistics, smart store monitoring, fraud detection, Internet of Things and other “connected customer” use cases


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