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ARIS Process Performance Manager

Measure, analyze and improve process performance.


Feature Benefit
Automated process discovery
  • Automatically generate a graphical representation of business workflows from the actual processes
  • Process-relevant historical data is extracted from operational systems and combined to reconstruct each transaction from start to finish
  • Unlike process representations in modeling tools, the resulting process models are visualized as they actually are

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Process benchmarking
  • Identify best practices and specific optimization measures
  • Discover weaknesses and failure models within the processes
  • Use to compare scenarios like regions, customer groups, sales organizations, product groups or any combination of them
  • Compare, for example, historical key figures, such as throughput times or process costs in Region A vs. Region B, as well as the complexity and process structures that deliver these key figures

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Historical process analysis
  • Locate process weaknesses and remove problem causes
  • Analyze the process structure by visualizing the discovered model—see the most important paths and activities
  • Choose from an array of monitoring capabilities to discover process weaknesses (such as lengthy processing times and high costs) and problem causes
  • Analyze process Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) via interactive filter components
  • Select process instances directly in the diagrams for drill-down and correlation purposes based on live analytics
  • Display comparison values at any time to include influencing factors in analysis

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Communication & organizational analysis
  • Organizational analysis is a key requirement for optimizing workflows and structures in distributed enterprises
  • Reveal relationships between organizational units and employees
  • Display the connection between organizational structure and process execution using activity and communication analysis capabilities


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