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Metadata Registry & Repository

Metadata Registry & Repository

Get asset information in an instant

CentraSite gives you a unified registry and repository—a central, platform-independent store for defining and describing assets. You can easily catalog all services, processes and related assets, such as XML schemas and business rules. This means information for faster decision-making and collaboration among SOA and BPM teams is just a click away.

Publishing assets to CentraSite

You can publish asset definition and descriptions to CentraSite using a wide range of options. For example, you can:

  1. Add assets using CentraSite's Web-based interface

  2. Publish assets from Eclipse-based IDEs and UDDI-compliant IDEs

  3. Bulk-load hundreds of assets using command line utilities and APIs

Rich and expandable descriptions

CentraSite's flexible metadata store captures information like asset capabilities, owner, location, version, classifications and configuration. You also can store associated artifacts, such as requirements documents and usage guidelines, as part of the asset description. You can customize all aspects of the store to suit your unique needs—for example, by defining custom asset types and adding custom attributes, attachments and classifications.Rich details on assets like services

More than 25 ready-to-use asset types

CentraSite provides more than 25 ready-to-use asset types definitions, including service, XML schema and BPEL process. Use them as-is to get started quickly. Or, use them as inspiration for defining your own asset types.CentraSite’s extensive asset type list


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