ARIS Business Publisher

Keep staff in-the-know.


Dynamic publishing

  • Features high-performance, on-demand generation of all process content based on user access

  • Count on fast export times

  • Select a preferred viewing style

ARIS Publisher
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Mobile pack & go solutions

  • Stay mobile with ARIS Publisher—one or more models can be published as a fully navigable static HTML export

  • Static exports can be packaged and distributed to employees who are not on line or don’t have access to the underlying dynamic Web technology

Fast information retrieval

  • Powerful search engine delivers results in real-time based on ARIS repository content and embedded documents

  • All staff—regardless of their process and methodology knowledge—can access all forms of process content

  • Process content can include workflow descriptions, templates for documents associated with workflow and corporate policies

User-friendly administration directory

  • Includes Web-based user administration that functions independently of exports

  • Integrates user directory services, such as LDAP

  • Administrator functions include creating rights, profiles and defining single sign-on authentications

Cloud accessibility

  • Via ARIS Connect you can use publishing capabilities in the cloud

Flexible presentation and communication

  • Present process content according to your corporate design or needs of your target groups

  • Employees can arrange and display the information they need in the browser

  • New sources of information can be integrated easily using JavaScript®, XML or HTML

Reporting & versioning

  • Run reports and analyses on exported data to speed up creating process manuals, for example

  • Employees also can navigate through version-based exports to explore process history and compare models with earlier process flows

News function

  • Keep employees up-to-date with corporate news by integrating a news feed

  • Gives employees one more reason to use your process portal

Integration with ARIS Architect

  • Perform virtually all administrative tasks for business publishing—for example, creating users and exporting process content

  • Schedule publishing to run automatically to ensure the content is always up-to-date


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