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Apama 9.10

Streaming analytics for the Digital Enterprise.

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Apama 9.10:

What’s new in the world's #1 streaming analytics platform

Apama is the market-leading platform for building applications that monitor, analyze and act on vast, fast-moving data streams. Apama 9.9 introduced predictive analytics so you can identify significant events and take actions before they occur. For instance, you can better predict when maintenance should happen to fix equipment before it fails. This capability is ideal for predictive maintenance, smart logistics, smart store monitoring, fraud detection as well as Internet of Things and “connected customer applications”.

With Apama 9.10, you’ll benefit from many technical improvements:

Easier connectivity

New connectivity plug-ins incorporate in-process messaging with an Apama application, making it easy to implement additional third-party messaging capabilities in Java® or C++, and offer lower latency messaging.

Capital markets adapters include the latest updates and enhancements to vendor connectivity and ensure Apama capital markets solutions continue to operate smoothly.

Streamlined development

Use the EPL Memory Profiler to show how the memory is being used by the correlator and the EPL Code Coverage utility shows which lines of EPL code were executed to better understand complex applications. You can also record metadata for an Apama Query (such as author, version or last modified date).

Enhancements to Software AG Designer for Apama double the speed of performing incremental rebuilds of large projects. Apama 9.10 also does diagnostic logging for Apama query files.

Optimized operations

Using Command Central, you can monitor and manage Apama installations from a Web browser. Compiled runtime enhancements improve the startup times of applications (especially for applications with a large number of EPL actions). Correlators can now be configured to cache compiled runtime applications.

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