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webMethods OneData

Five solutions in one data management platform.

webMethods OneData: Five Solutions, One Data Management Platform


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What you can do with:

webMethods OneData

  • Reconcile, cleanse and synchronize any master data
  • Eliminate data redundancies and errors across applications, databases and processes
  • Use with any other webMethods solution, such as BPM to improve workflow

webMethods OneData gives you five solutions in one Master Data Management (MDM) platform—right out of the box. You get multi-domain MDM. You can manage customer, reference and/or hierarchy data. You get an ISO11179 metadata registry and a comprehensive data governance framework. In addition, Software AG offers a process-driven approach to MDM so you can maximize process improvement.

Used for:
single view of “party”/customer MDM; “thing”/product MDM; reference MDM; hierarchy MDM; multi-domain MDM; metadata registry; 360-degree customer view; customer on-boarding, new product launches and maximizing data integration for successful mergers & acquisitions.

Why M&As impact data management

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