Process-Driven MDM for Dummies

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Process-Driven Master Data Management for Dummies


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Confused about Master Data Management (MDM) and what it means to you? Don’t know what the business value of MDM is or how to achieve it?

See why the traditional approach of data-focused MDM has its limits—and why process-driven MDM is the smarter way to master your enterprise data.

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This informative e-book is written by three experts at Software AG, known for its leading webMethods OneData solution—ranked #1 in MDM technology by an independent analyst three years in a row.

After this short read, you’ll know how to use MDM to improve your business processes and your business results. Learn how to:

  • Find a good MDM project and measure its return
  • Scope an MDM project and select the appropriate technologies
  • Use best practices for successful MDM implementations
  • Prioritize your MDM projects based on core processes

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Praise for Process-Driven Master Data Management for Dummies

“Process-Driven MDM for Dummies takes the important step of embracing the fact that effective MDM programs need to address business processes as well as data. It contains much useful advice for those contemplating the MDM journey.”

– Andy Hayler, CEO, The Information Difference Ltd.

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“In this friendly, authoritative guide Software AG provides the reader the latest on everything from data governance ... to new MDM methods.”

– Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer, The MDM Institute

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