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Break up silos and unleash process power!

Intelligent Guide to Enterprise BPM

Everything you need to know about Enterprise BPM, now available in many formats and options!

Prepare to get a lot smarter about Enterprise Business Process Management (eBPM). Get ready to unleash your process power with insights from experts all around the world. Discover how to:

  • Use best practices and avoid pitfalls
  • Make the perfect process the standard process
  • Get processes "out of the box" and improve enterprise-wide
  • Close the gap between business and IT

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Chapter 1: Enterprise BPM-Removing Silos to Unleash Process Power

Chapter 2: Business Process Analysis-Transforming your Business by Transforming your Processes

Chapter 3: Enterprise Architecture Management–Getting IT on Track with Your Processes and Your Business

Chapter 4: Business Process Management-Automating your Processes to Outperform your Competition

Chapter 5: Process Intelligence-Improving Process Performance with Continuous Monitoring

Chapter 6: Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Management-Why Process-Driven GRC is the Only Way to Go

Unleash process power with tips, best practices and insights.

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Now also available in Spanish, Chinese Mandarin and Japanese.