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 Digital Enterprise Assessment


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Digital Enterprise Assessment:

Developing your road map to the Digital Enterprise.

No matter what your industry is, it’s time for every business to become digital. Software AG’s Digital Enterprise Assessment helps you to detect and prioritize your needs on the way to becoming a Digital Enterprise. With our expertise, you will have a road map within only seven days.

Start your transformation into a Digital Enterprise so you can act faster in ever-changing markets and strengthen your competitive advantage. Experienced Software AG consultants evaluate the maturity level of these four on-ramps to the Digital Enterprise:

  • Alignment through collaborative process analysis
  • Transformation through portfolio management
  • Agility through process automation and integration
  • Visibility through intelligent business operations and big data

On the basis of a standardized measure catalog, our consultants define your specific action plan. We guide you through the process of defining strategy, designing the road map and planning milestones, roll-out processes and how to monitor results.

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