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Prime Methodology


Prime Methodology:

Increase success with our proven implementation methodology.

Starting an important initiative may feel like a daunting task unless you have done it many times before. That is exactly the benefit of our Prime methodology. You benefit from the best practices and methodologies time-tested by your peers in thousands of similar initiatives.

Prime (Platform Rapid Innovation Methodology) is a process-driven methodology for implementing a Software AG product or solution.You can use Prime with our software products and reference content to confidently realize immediate results.

Based on our long-term consulting experience, industry expertise and best practices, Prime provides a solution-centric methodology, consisting of:

  • An implementation and deployment process for your entire solution
  • A project life cycle composed of phases, work packages and activities

You can execute detailed work steps and generate predefined deliverables by drawing from an inventory of assets, including best practices, guidelines, tools and templates. Add our project management methodology and Industry.PerformanceREADY industry-specific content to achieve even greater value faster.

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Prime Methodology


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