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Consulting for SAP Solutions

Effectively leveraging SAP for your business.

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ARIS for SAP® Solutions


Services for ARIS for SAP Solutions:

Connect business design with SAP process execution, governance and roll outs.

Our experts can help you implement our product, ARIS for SAP Solutions. Use these services to accelerate the design, documentation and optimization of your SAP processes to achieve Business Process Excellence—faster. We help you bridge the gap between business and IT, and establish the direct link between your business process design and the related SAP functions.


SAP-related Process Design Standards and Conventions Definition

Designing business processes in an SAP environment creates a number of unique requirements. We help you rapidly develop a project-specific process design methodology that includes design guidelines, layouts and quality assurance procedures in ARIS to ensure these essential requirements are effectively met.

ARIS and SAP Solution Manager Integration

Integrating ARIS and SAP software enables you to bridge the gap between business and IT by interconnecting your business process design with the respective functionalities of the SAP software. You can even start SAP processes directly from ARIS. We can help you setup new or integrate existing ARIS environments with SAP Solution Manager seamlessly.

Process Oriented Test Management

Test management is a very important ongoing topic with SAP solutions. Our process-driven approach using ARIS Test Designer enables you reuse ARIS-documented business processes for test management with SAP Solution Manager, as well as HP Quality Center, to save valuable time and help avoid issues.

Template & Rollout Management

Our comprehensive approach helps you manage global rollouts better and faster by leveraging ARIS for SAP Solutions and SAP Solution Manager.

Active Process Governance Management

Our process governance guidelines and procedures enable you to effectively manage your integrated business processes end-to-end.

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