Adabas & Natural on IBM Z® mainframe

Build on what works

Maximize your investment in IBM Z
Your IBM Z delivers exceptional performance and reliability for your applications built on Adabas & Natural. Protect that investment—and the decades of priceless information in those applications—with new Software AG innovations.
Be agile & efficient
Develop new innovations quickly using DevOps and the NaturalONE Eclipse®-based environment. Offload workload to zIIP™ to save resources.
Keep valuable assets secure
Use encryption and enterprise key management to guard against unauthorized access. Track and audit activity on Adabas databases.
Embrace digital
You don’t have to give up your mainframe applications to embrace digital or the cloud. Unlock your data and use API integration to extend your core applications and data.

                    Software AG & IBM

Software AG is a proud partner to IBM and a leader in digital transformation. See how we address mainframe modernization for hybrid cloud for IBM z16.

Explore products for IBM z/OS®

All from one environment, you can code, test and maintain applications. Expose Natural objects as services. Create RIAs and web interfaces. Manage the complete DevOps lifecycle.
Adabas Encryption for z/OS
Choose the extent of Adabas data you encrypt—from an entire database to specific data sets—using powerful and secure hardware-based native encryption on IBM Z.
Adabas Auditing for z/OS
Gain insight into all activity on your IBM z/OS Adabas databases for security and compliance, with an easy-to-use, web-based tool.
Adabas & Natural for zIIP
Move database, batch and online workloads from the GPP to zIIP specialty engines to free up CPU and save on software costs.
Adabas Data Integration
Give decision makers, applications and analytical systems access to real-time Adabas data—without over-taxing mainframe resources.
Natural & COBOL API Integration
Accelerate growth and innovation by using APIs to connect your core apps to new initiatives.  
Take Adabas & Natural on IBM Z into your future
Enjoy greater mainframe speed, agility, security and connectivity when you extend your Adabas & Natural applications on IBM Z. Leverage your valuable data and unique business logic while bringing new capabilities and cost-effective approaches to a new generation of talent.

                    Develop faster

Bring a continuous-deployment mindset to your organization’s most business-critical software. Developers of all ages will enjoy Eclipse®, DevOps and continuous development/integration.

                    Secure your data

Deliver industry-leading security against unauthorized agents through encryption and enterprise key management, while maintaining high database performance. Maintain security and compliance by tracking and auditing all activity on your Adabas databases, and safely archiving indexed audit data.

                    Connect with APIs

Use APIs to make your Natural and COBOL applications as “integration friendly” as any other asset on-premises or in the cloud.

                    Provide real-time access to Adabas data

Give decision makers and analytics systems (on-premises or in the cloud) access to real-time Adabas data—without over-taxing mainframe resources. 

                    Improve your UX & customer experience

Make a better connection with the people who use your applications every day. Don’t just eliminate green screens when modernizing your mainframe. Actually create a better user experience by improving processes. With redesigned workflows, intuitive web interfaces and modern apps, your end users will see productivity gains that directly impact your business.

                    IBM supported platforms

Leveraging the strengths of the IBM Z platform's computing power and resources, IBM z/OS plays an important role in providing a secure, scalable environment for the underlying transformation process in which organizations are embarking to deliver swift innovation. See which Software AG products are tested and compatible with IBM operating systems and subsystems. 
Real customers, real stories
The Israeli Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services
See how the Israeli Ministry realized a 570% increase in the number of social service applications processed.
In only a few months, the California State Teachers Retirement System in the U.S. saved $600,000+ by moving Natural batch to zIIP.
State of Delaware Courts
See how citizens, judges and attorneys in the Delaware Courts system can now work with real-time civil and criminal data from multiple IBM zSystems in one view.
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