Adabas & Natural for zIIP™

Offload workload to add computing power

Free up mainframe CPU by offloading to zIIP
Want to save money without changing code or disrupting your business? Love your mainframe so much you want to use it to power new applications? Open up capacity when you offload your Adabas & Natural workload to IBM® z System® Integrated Information Processor (zIIP).
Cut CPU workload in half
Reduce GPP CPU workload by up to 50% while maximizing execution time on zIIP.
Optimize zIIP throughput
Our technology optimizes throughput by minimizing the number of path switches.
Run at full processor speed
Accelerate batch runs by taking advantage of higher throughput and additional computing power.
Avoid coding changes
You’ll stay production-ready because no code changes are required.
Choose batch or OLTP
Do both batch processing and OLTP on zIIP with Adabas & Natural to optimize cost/performance.
See, decide and act using reports
Forecast how much load to redirect to zIIP. Monitor zIIP use and other parameters to set and track KPIs.
Meet our zIIP enablement products
Adabas for zIIP
Lower mainframe TCO by moving Adabas workload from IBM GPP to  less-expensive zIIP processors for execution. 
Natural for zIIP
Move Natural batch and online workloads from the GPP to zIIP. Postpone hardware upgrades and save on software costs.
Lower mainframe TCO and boost capacity
Release budget—and mainframe capacity—for new innovations when you offload mainframe workload to zIIP. You’ll save significantly on operating costs with minimal effort.  

                    Reduce mainframe costs in days

Realize significant GPP CPU savings, often more than 50 percent, by reducing the total cost of computing on the z/OS mainframe. One customer saved $150,000/month in CPU costs, another more than €500,000. Start seeing results in days.

                    Postpone upgrades

Avoid the cost and disruption of re-platforming. Keep using your mainframe economically with this low-cost alternative to adding more capacity on your GPPs.

                    Save software costs

Most software is priced based on the capacity represented—or the utilization of—the configured GPP independent of any specialty engines. So, from a hardware perspective, any work moved from the GPPs to zIIP is essentially free!

                    Improve price-performance ratio

Achieve higher throughput with the low-cost computing power of the zIIP and defer processor upgrades—and their attendant software costs—significantly improving the price-performance ratio and reducing the mainframe’s TCO.

Take a load off your budget

What if you could save money on your mainframe without code changes? You can. See how.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
This power management company offloaded more than 90% of Adabas & Natural workload and cut MSUs in half.
Moving workload to zIIP freed up capacity for new applications such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
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