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The sustainable enterprise needs to be a connected one. We can help.
The future is sustainable

Doing good is good for business. From top to bottom, companies are improving their environmental and social footprint. However, it takes more than hope and good intentions to meet challenging (but important) environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. It takes a connected layer of technology that can assess, track and report on everything you do.

We offer a digital backbone that supports all of your sustainability efforts - from ensuring your processes are compliant, your data is tracked, your "things" are running efficiently and your supply chain is transparent.

Pie chart - 83%
of business leaders say their sustainability program activities directly created both short- and long-term value for their organization.1
Pie chart - 83%
of electricity and fuel savings are due to the deployment of IoT-enabled applications.2
Pie chart - 83%
of current IoT deployments are addressing or have the potential to address the UN's Sustainbable Development Goals.3

How mature is your sustainability program?

Complete our interactive Sustainability Maturity Assessment and see how your answers compare to IT decision makers from around the globe.

How to invest in sustainability by investing in technology

In 2023, should you invest more in digital transformation or more in sustainability projects? With the “Genius of the And,” you can do both. Explore this insight and more from our annual global survey of IT decision-makers.

Sustainable solutions in action
ETA Factory
Optimizing Resources for Sustainability
Read how ETA Factory has partnered with Software AG to neutralize the industrial production’s carbon footprint on the shop floor.
Sustainability under pressure
Energy is the major cost when it comes to compressed air. For SMC, closely tracking the performance of their pneumatic equipment keeps these energy costs—and carbon emissions—down.
Better logistics, lower emissions
DHL is serious about sustainability. To meet its 2050 goal for net-zero emissions, it has ordered all-electric cargo planes—and is using technology that keeps every delivery more connected, and more efficient.
What does it take to be sustainable

A blueprint for sustainability

A sustainability program cannot succeed in a silo. It needs to be a company-wide, top-to-bottom approach with a clear roadmap built on four key abilities - to assess, build strategy, operationalize and track and report. Those abilities rely heavily on a digital backbone that connects your things, data, systems and processes.

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Alfabet for sustainability
Understand whether your IT portfolio is ready to drive sustainability innovation across your organization.
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ARIS for sustainability
How do your business processes support sustainability? Meet your ESG goals with confidence. 
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Cumulocity IoT for sustainability
Make IoT the enabler that guides sustainable business models and products for you and your customers.
More sustainability resources
Ready to dive deeper into the trends shaping the sustainability landscape? Read our feed of articles that explore the trends that will help businesses perform well and do good.
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How tech can deflect risks to sustainability
Sustainability is a crucial pillar for a the connected enterprise. Having a digital backbone in place helps companies achieve their sustainability goals.
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How we help our customers be more sustainable
The market is now asking for sustainable consumer products, services, and responsible social engagement. Our technology can help you deliver.
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Using IoT to manage precious groundwater
Groundwater is the unseen (but increasingly scarce) resource under our feet, providing almost all the accessible fresh water on earth. The IoT can help us manage it carefully.

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