IoT enables sustainability 

Are you and your customers truly connected and on track to meet sustainability goals?

Enabling sustainability

Sustainability has often been seen from the perspective of risk and challenge. Challenge that perspective. See sustainability for what it really is: a source for value creation, reinventing technologies and business models, creating new markets and controlling costs with lowering energy usage and waste.

IoT solutions are making it easier to support a more sustainable future by connecting the physical world. On land and in the oceans, IoT devices help organizations understand the environment so society can act more responsibly. With knowledge comes the ability to prevent and reverse damage to our planet and its inhabitants through smarter actions, smarter production and smarter consumption.

Make IoT your enabler to create a connected culture of transparency that guides sustainable business models and products for you and your customers.

of business leaders say their sustainability program activities directly created both short- and long-term value for their organization.1
of electricity and fuel savings are due to the deployment of IoT-enabled applications.2
of current IoT deployments are addressing or have the potential to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.3

Everybody in the world is talking about climate change and carbon footprints… The more companies leverage these tools (IoT), the faster we’ll be able to transform to a more cost-efficient, climate-friendly economy, which will not just benefit us now or in three years, but for generations to come.”

- Oliver Prang, Expert Digital Business Development, SMC Germany
Software AG technology helps customers reach their sustainability goals
In this video, three customers (Solenis LLC, Utonomy Ltd and Autosen) explain how they are using Software AG IoT technology to digitally transform their businesses and reach their sustainability goals.

                    A sustainable path to IoT maturity

Your journey to making smart connected products isn't all or nothing, and neither is sustainability. Wherever you start on your IoT journey, IoT enables your organization to meet new sustainability goals at each step of the IoT maturity curve. No matter which industry your organization operates in, you can create value and efficiencies at every step, by offering new connected products and services. No matter what stage you are in your IoT journey, Cumulocity IoT helps bring your sustainability goals to life. 

                    An evolving landscape

While organizations can improve their growth prospects and sustainability profiles using connected devices, the need for uninterrupted connectivity also introduces challenges. With a strong foundation for enterprise-grade IoT solutions, equipment providers can help their manufacturing customers improve reliability and reduce risk. As organizations look to be future-fit, one avenue worth exploring is the transition to an
Equipment-as-a-Service model, a more sustainable approach that reduces total cost of ownership and aligns the interests of equipment providers and their manufacturing customers to reduce waste, energy use and emissions for more sustainable operations.

                    Asset Management

IoT use cases such as Remote MonitoringSmart Field Services and Performance Management help you monitor and predict maintenance and repair needs. This extends the maintenance cycle and means fewer journeys for maintenance personnel, helping reduce carbon footprint, as well as introducing cost, energy and resource savings.

                    Energy & carbon management

Monitoring capabilities help you to evaluate energy consumption and understand the realities of your environmental footprint. By connecting your products, you can find ways to improve efficiencies over time and offer new services to your customers that support their sustainability goals. 

                    Circular economy

Using IoT to gain insights on equipment use, and necessary maintenance will extend the equipment’s lifespan. Enable your organization to keep products in use profitably, while continuously enhancing the customer experience. Track the location of materials and understand how products can be designed to support a circular, rather than linear, economy. 
Your path to sustainability with IoT

Looking to reduce GHG emissions and improve energy efficiency? Or do you want to reduce waste and improve efficiency of waste management? Follow our sustainability paths to put your values into action, our sustainable paths framework helps instill transparency into what may have previously been an unclear process of reporting on sustainability initiatives, supporting you in your journey.

Combine our suggested sustainable path frameworks with traditional IoT use cases, Remote Monitoring, Smart Field Services, and Performance Management, to get on the right path to achieve sustainability initiatives. Make sustainability a result of your currently deployed IoT use cases, and future IoT project.

Need help making IoT your enabler of sustainability?
Our customers: truly connected enterprises
Electric Racing Academy (ERA) uses Cumulocity IoT to reimagine the world of sustainable racing, by providing racing insights to their drivers and team in real-time, as well as innovating to provide their fans with better connected experiences.
STW customized and branded Cumulocity IoT, using it to support the City of London in creating the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, creating better flexibility for London and better air for its residents.
SMC turns to Cumulocity IoT analytics for scalable predictive maintenance, leakage detection and energy efficiency monitoring. IoT data is integrated with no coding, and the solution is running for customers in just minutes.
GeicoTaikisha Group
Geico delivered smarter, greener auto body paint shops with Cumulocity IoT Edge and Streaming Analytics. Learn more about how it’s reducing costs for customers using predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and more.

1 - Gartner Sustainability Opportunities, Risks and Technologies Survey, 2022
2 - ESG and Sustainability: saving the planet with technology, Transforma Insights, 2021
3 - IoT can help small and medium business implement sustainability measure, World Economic Forum, 2022

                    How mature is your sustainability program?

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