How IT decision makers are investing in digital transformation AND sustainability

Is digital transformation or sustainability more important to your business? The good news is that by investing in one, you are investing in the other. See how IT decision makers are investing in digital transformation AND (not OR) sustainability.

You may be grappling with some tough decisions as budgets tighten in an economy that is shaky across the globe. Initiatives that don’t have an immediate impact on the bottom line are likely being called into question - even if they are incredibly important. One of those initiatives may be sustainability. While there is almost universal agreement that sustainability matters, it’s a tough decision to invest in it instead of programs that will drive immediate revenue.

So, for example, when given the choice between investing in digital transformation vs sustainability, which would you choose?

This is the question we asked IT decision-makers around the world in our annual benchmark survey. The results show how tough that decision really can be. But it also shows how much opportunity there is for the companies that understand that digital transformation and sustainability investments complement each other – not compete with each other.

The infographic below outlines some of the key insights and data from the survey. 

sustainability and digital transformation infographic

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