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Anything is possible when everything is connected. Decisions are smarter, processes are painless, silos are a thing of the past and customer experiences are exceptional. 

However, building those connections is no small task. We are here to help you make them happen. It is our mission to empower you to become a truly connected enterprise through our suite of integration & API management, IoT & analytics and business transformation products.

                    What's the next big in thing in tech?

The landscape of enterprise technology is complex and constantly changing. To make sense of it, we evaluate emerging tech trends to understand their potential impact and map them on our interactive Tech Radar.

                    The 2022 Situation Report

How are 700 IT execs planning on spending their money this year? Explore the data and see how priorities are shifting towards better connection company-wide.

                The building blocks of a truly connected enterprise

The truly connected enterprise doesn't just happen. It is methodically and reliably built through platforms that make it possible. Data is connected through an integration & API management platform. Things are connected through an IoT & analytics platform. Processes and IT decisions are connected through business transformation platforms.

When they are all in place, the truly connected enterprises come alive. 

                    Integration and API management

The truly connected enterprise takes an API-first approach to integration to make sure that data, systems and partners work together as one. When you can integrate anything easily, your organization can adapt and scale in real time. 

                    IoT & analytics

For an enterprise to thrive, it must overcome three challenges. First, it must increase operational efficiencies by collecting data from any “thing” and turning this data into insights and action. Second, it must develop improved customer experiences to grow value, footprint and loyalty. And finally, it must help you become more innovative and competitive by adopting new business models, like “as-a-service.” For all three challenges—our IoT platform is the solution.

                    Business transformation

In a world of constant disruptions, the pressure for permanent transformation is higher than ever before. The need to rethink business and IT strategy never sleeps. Neither does the need to operationalize that strategy. Operational excellence relies on process and IT management platforms that can turn your vision into measurable results, and give you complete control and visibility.

                Deliver more by being truly connected

The modern business needs modern solutions to compete in a world that is constantly disrupted. It needs to make better decisions every day, accelerate innovation by breaking through all silos and continuously delight its customers with highly personalized experiences. 

The technology infrastructure is in place - but to translate that into business benefits requires our a unique combination of platforms that can bridge the gap. 

                Who we are

Since 1969, we’ve been dedicated to transforming more than 10,000 businesses. Our solutions can either work side-by-side with existing infrastructure—or replace it. We help any enterprise by integrating and connecting everything to everything, ensuring they can instantly see, decide, act—and thrive.


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