“The IoT journey at Stanley Black & Decker is only warming up”

Rob Osterwise heads up the IoT Center of Excellence with STANLEY X, the innovation arm of Stanley Black & Decker. He joined Software AG’s conXion 2020 event to share his company’s vision for using the Internet of Things to make the world a better place.

“Innovation previously had long lead times,” Rob said. “But in today's lifecycle, technology is being used in new ways to multiply evolution at amazing speeds.”

Hear the incredible story of how IoT improves the lives of farmers in rural India—they can control how crops are watered safely and conveniently from their phones.

Stanley Black & Decker is a 177-years-strong, multi-brand tool company that’s evolved from simple hand tools to be the number one leader in tools and storage. We've become a powerhouse of tools, security, fastening systems, hydraulics, healthcare, secured storage and innovation itself. At Stanley, our mission is for those who make the world and to be a force for good. You're probably most familiar with some of our mainstream tool brands, Bostitch Craftsman, DEWALT, Irwin, PORTER Cable and Stanley Black & Decker, of course. We're also an industry leader throughout several other verticals: STANLEY Healthcare solutions and industrial product lines for use in smart manufacturing applications like Stanley, Lenox and Mac Tools. You might just be surprised how many other brands are under the Stanley Black & Decker umbrella.

My name is Rob Osterwise. I head up the IoT Center of Excellence with STANLEY X, an innovation arm of Stanley Black & Decker. At STANLEY X, we lead the charge for innovation in our business units by driving greenfield solutions in untouched spaces. We also introduce new technology into existing core products for continued growth and improvement. Our digital solutions vary from locally connected power tools for asset management through solar-connected solutions to maximize efficiency and improve operator skills.

Many of our solutions leverage the Internet of Things in their product's features and services. Some examples include: DEWALT Tool Connect, which allows you to manage your tools from anywhere; STANLEY Healthcare leveraging RTLS for contract tracing and empowering caregivers; STANLEY Industrial solutions with connected manufacturing tools and controllers; and STANLEY Infrastructure with connected hydraulic equipment and attachments.

One of our most interesting innovations began from within our STANLEY Earth team in the form of a connected IoT solar water pump deployed in India.

Our CEO Jim Loree said it best: We see the potential for our business to be an incredible force for good and that's why we strive to create value beyond profits, including environmental and social value, generating a positive impact for shareholders and stakeholders as well as for society at large.

Consider family life as a rural farmer in India. Today they rely on an already-challenged AC power grid or even the use of fossil fuels burning pumps to pull well water in to irrigate their crops. And on the best days the farmer would travel to the farm to turn on the pump or perform maintenance on an old system all the while avoiding dangerous wildlife and cobras in the field. They often need to stay to monitor that the right amount of water was being pumped while trying not to overdraw from the water table and deplete the ground supply, or worse yet, damage their investment by pumping sand. They have no remote control, so the farmers spend their days hands-on monitoring progress to protect their livelihood.

Enter NADI Connect, a smart IoT solution for farmers in rural India. NADI Connect integrated solar pump addresses many of the challenges faced by rural farmers today. There is no dependency on an overtaxed and failing power grid. There's no reliance on fossil fuel’s influence. There are no challenges nor
hazards of constantly being on-site. It’s command, control and diagnostics at the touch of a button.

Now picture the same family with NADI Connect to enable their solar pump. From the convenience of their home or while attending another crop, they click a button on their phone to start or stop the pump. They can instantly see how many liters were pumped during the cycle to date, and they can schedule an auto off time, proactively preserving groundwater reserves. And use just as much water as they need to minimize the unnecessary impact on the supply.

Solar power reduces their carbon footprint, so it isn't dependent on a failing power grid. It doesn't require transport of fossil fuel, and it doesn't require an oil change. Pumps can be equipped with water quality sensors to detect sand or contaminants in the water being pumped. The IoT connectivity provides the means for trend analysis, consumption and remote maintenance. Data is automatically captured and reported directly to the state’s agency for adherence to governmental compliance, and all of this while minimizing exposure to hazards that naturally encompass farming.

This is IoT. The IoT journey at Stanley Black & Decker is only warming up. Expect to see more real-time solutions for leveraging IoT … the ability to see where all of your assets are in real time … and offer efficiency to construction foremen, from material tracking to human coordination, which will raise the ceiling of productivity at job sites by spending less time searching and more time doing. Expect a massive evolution in the simplification of industrial sectors, and plug-and-play manufacturing equipment using rich data in edge compute to improve both safety and reliability.

Innovation previously had long lead times. But in today's lifecycle, technology is being used in new ways to multiply evolution at amazing speeds. Environmental factors, such as the ongoing pandemic, have driven us to perform giant leaps in contact tracing and develop new touchless ways to interact with the world around us.

So think outside the box, and don't let how things used to be done limit a quantum leap in the future. IoT is here to stay and has a massive potential scalability. We can rely on IoT to maximize the good and in turn improve lives. We have the responsibility to make IoT for good and make the world a better place.

Thank you.

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