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"Buy and build" with Cumulocity IoT

Work with an IoT platform that allows you to start IoT development fast, scale easily, and evolve your solution to meet market needs

All your assets, all over the world—all managed in one place

More connected devices means more connected data. And both mean more opportunity for your business—up and down the supply (and value) chain. Fortunately, to build world-class IoT solutions, you don't need to start from scratch.

Cumulocity IoT provides what you need out of the box so you can start making better decisions and offering new digital services to your customers today. Wherever you are in your IoT journey. 

Get 80% of what you need out of the box so you can deliver exceptional IoT solutions in your first 90 days.
Build on an enterprise-grade platform with unlimited scaling and industrial-grade security you can trust. 
Anticipate trends before they happen—and evolve to meet them in real time.
See what you can do with Cumulocity IoT

1. Start fast

A lot of IoT projects fail.

Many are based on super complicated, ground-up, everything-custom initiatives that can go on for months, and never get off the ground. Others misfire by using a closed solution that is limited 

The Cumulocity IoT Platform gives you 80% of what you need out of the box on day one—so you can start fast and deploy quickly. Then you can focus on customizing your solution in the ways that truly set your business apart.

Buy and Build
Set up an IoT solution in an instant. With a "buy and build" strategy you already have what you need to connect and manage devices (and data!) so you can focus on building the applications and ML models that matter to your customers. 
Pre-packaged apps
Develop IoT apps faster with pre-packaged apps like Digital Twin Maker, Analytics Builder, and Applications Builder—ready to help you tackle the big problems that directly improve your smart factory. 
An entire IoT ecosystem
With 170+ pre-certified devices, tons of pre-integrated partner applications, and a robust network of System Integrator partners, your business will be an asset-tracking, remote-monitoring, smart-metering digital native. (Or at least function like one.)
Fast Track Services
Build solutions in 90 days. Or less. Software AG offers IoT Fast Track Service to help you take one IoT use case from idea to production testing. You get your own consultant to walk you through your first IoT project, end to end.

2. Scale easily

Cumulocity IoT helps you get started easily—and then scales with your needs. Never pay for resources you don't use, with a platform that automatically scales for periods of higher or lower (or extreme) load, and never getting stuck in IoT overload chaos.

With truly enterprise-grade scaling, security and integration, you can rely on your IoT architecture no matter how big it gets, how many devices you connect to it or how many data points run through it. 

The Cumulocity IoT cloud-native architecture gives you enterprise-grade IoT in the cloud, and on the edge. Seamlessly, with over 100 supported device types, on any network or any infrastructure.

Bulk device management
Don't waste time micromanaging your connected devices. Onboard, update and decommission them in under 5 minutes with world-class bulk device management in Cumulocity IoT.
Seamless integration
With hundreds of pre-built device and application integrations and the ability to quickly register bespoke connectors, when it comes to integrating IoT data in your services, processes and systems, it's as easy as one click.
Edge to cloud deployment
Run IoT anywhere: any cloud, on-premises and at the edge (and in any combination). Our cloud-agnostic IoT framework is specifically designed for resource-constrained edge devices. 
Develop once, deploy anywhere
A distributed, open architecture and a common set of IoT capabilities on the edge, on-premises and in the cloud help you develop and deploy your solution faster. 

3. Evolve with the market

Cumulocity IoT helps you stay in sync with the market. The open, analyst-approved IoT platform will help you get and stay ahead with any IoT initiative you're working on. 

With Software AG’s enterprise-grade platform, you can anticipate trends before they change—and evolve at the optimal speed. 

White label your solution
White labelling means you can make Cumulocity IoT yours, so you have the best in the business in IoT—with your name all over it. Create consistent customer experiences without having to create everything from scratch.
Get native multi-tenancy
Native multi-tenancy makes it easier to provision services for internal and external customers with full flexibility following industry best practices. Each tenant’s data is stored in a dedicated data space for better user permission management, application management, and usage statistics and billing.
Be cloud agnostic
Being cloud agnostic from the start means you can work with any service, any vendor, any solution you want—so you’re never left out when the next killer trend shows up. It turns your enterprise into a future-proof, lock-in dodging, super-adapter. 
Match the IoT maturity curve
Developing on the IoT maturity curve means your organization evolves and scales at the pace that is right for it, at the right time to take advantage of market conditions. You’ll start with IoT-based remote monitoring, move on to provide smart field services and performance management—and then unlock disruptive business models (Equipment-as-a-Service anyone?) enabled by world-class, everything-connectivity. 
IoT you can trust, and more… 

Cumulocity IoT helps you stay in sync with the market. From being an analyst favorite at providing IoT you can trust, to being open and easily extensible, to providing low and no-code solutions—that’s how you get and stay ahead with IoT. 

Ready to start building IoT solutions that change the game?
Start fast. Scale easily. Evolve with the market.