Optimizing industrial processes with analytics
Need to optimize your processes? Learn how Lanxess, a leading specialty chemicals company, makes 100+ process improvements with the help of Software AG’s TrendMiner self-service industrial analytics. “We are actively using the software to solve problems and optimize our processes,” CDO Jörg Hellwig said. TrendMiner is developed from the engineer’s point of view, which is great for a company full of engineers. “It’s so easy to use, they want to use it every day,” he said.

"Well, digital transformation – it is changing a lot for us, Lanxess. We are in the chemical industry. We have a ton of data. We have a petabyte of data, and up to now we are only automated. Now, we have to digitize. What's the difference? We need to do way more with the data and that's where Software AG helps us a lot.

"TrendMiner has been established as a self-service data analytics tool that enables our staff in the control rooms to work with process data every single day in a much better way.

"Furthermore, TrendMiner was highly instrumental in the execution of more than a hundred dedicated process improvement projects. We are actively using the software to solve problems and to optimize our processes. This is a value for us and we continue to do that.

"[What is] unique [about the TrendMiner] product at Software AG is that it is a self-service data analytics tool. It's developed from the user's perspective for chemical engineering challenges and that is really, really the key for us. That our people accept such a software program that they like to use—and it's so easy to use that they want to use it every day, and that is key for us.

"Software AG is a strong, reliable partner for us—an innovation partner to develop new features and applications. And especially in the times of corona[virus], we saw that there was a vast development of online training courses which helped us a lot to helps us develop further—even at times of crisis—which is very, very valuable for us.

"The success we've had with Software AG in the recent past really convinces me that we're just at the beginning of a long journey together. I'm very much looking forward to going to the next level of our journey with Software AG with products like TrendMiner and more to come."

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