TrendMiner industrial analytics

                Analyze, monitor and predict operational performance 

                Why choose TrendMiner for self-service industrial analytics?

TrendMiner is Software AG’s self-service industrial analytics software for smart factories and Industry 4.0 operations. If you’re on a quest to continuously improve your production processes, take a look at TrendMiner. Made by engineers for engineers, TrendMiner is based on a high-performance analytics engine for sensor-generated time-series data. Process engineers and operators can easily search for trends and question process data directly—on their own, without the help of a data scientist.

                        TrendMiner in action

Software AG CEO Sanjay Brahmawar talks with Jörg Hellwig, CDO of LANXESS, about using TrendMiner at the global chemical company. With TrendMiner, LANXESS engineers can do analytics, collaborate across sites, and learn how to improve production processes. TrendMiner puts advanced analytics in the hands of every process engineer.

                Why you’ll love TrendMiner

                Visualize analytics for faster decisions

With TrendMiner self-service industrial analytics, you can see specific trends or context views as KPIs on personalized dashboards. Know which parts of the process need action. Start investigating process anomalies, production losses and equipment inefficiencies.

                Analyze to solve problems in no time

Self-service industrial analytics speeds up root-cause analysis and helps you find new areas for optimization. Gain instant data-driven insights thanks to a high-speed search engine, advanced filter options, patented pattern recognition technology and support for a wide range of data historians.

                Monitor operational performance 24/7  

Watch over live processes continuously and receive notifications for events of interests. Automatically capture knowledge to speed up response times, improve collaboration, avoid abnormal situations and automate routine data inspection tasks—with one click!

                Predict what’s likely to happen next 

Our patent-pending technology works in a fundamentally different way than model-based predictive technologies. Based on all available historical data, TrendMiner can predict evolutions of batch runs, transitions or equipment startups in minutes.

                Contextualize your operations

Illuminate your time-series data with context to get a clear view of operational behavior. Leverage contextual information from different data silos, such as your LIMS, MMS or OEE system, to make data-driven decisions and control business outcomes.

“With TrendMiner, we solved a chemical wash-out problem in only two hours, saving over €1.8 million per year.”

Principal Process Control Engineer, Sitech Services

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