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Integrate anything faster

Integration holds the key to accelerating innovation. But for many, data still exists in a siloed blend of on-premises systems and disconnected cloud applications. With webMethods Integration Server, you have the power to connect anything faster, thanks to open, standards-based integration. Make custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases—on-premises and in the cloud—interoperable and assure the fluid flow of data across your automated processes. Mapping and transformation functions are built in.   

                Why you’ll love webMethods Integration Server

                Easy scalability

Software AG’s open integration platform is easily scalable, ready to integrate your on-premises applications to SaaS applications and proven by leading enterprises. Analysts consistently recognize Software AG for integration capabilities.

                Faster integrations

Go to market faster! Gain the agility to respond to new opportunities and customer demands at lightning speed with webMethods Integration Server. Roll out new capabilities faster with an agile microservices-backed architecture.

                "Lift & shift" integrations

“Lift & shift” is a cloud adoption strategy that gets you to the cloud fast! It's easy to “lift & shift” your webMethods integrations to the cloud. Get faster time-to-value with no additional hardware costs or installations. 

                Mapping and transformation

To integrate your unique applications, you need to map and wire the data elements for each respective application’s format. Use our library of transformation services and a graphical mapping UI to tie your data formats together.

                iPaaS integrations in the cloud

Quickly integrate applications in the cloud with our integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Non-technical business people can take the lead with integrations, giving IT more time to focus on more complex challenges.
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