Application integration

                Assure the free flow of data across apps, clouds, data and systems with integration

                One application integration platform integrates it all

Making a true connection with your customers feels impossible when your data is siloed and inaccessible. Without connecting your applications on-premises or in the cloud or even your legacy systems, innovation remains out of reach. Until now.

Meet webMethods, THE integration market leader and the #1 application integration platform of Software AG. With webMethods, integrating everything—applications, clouds, mainframe systems and even IoT devices—makes your business processes more efficient and your enterprise more agile.

                Scale with microservices

Ensure your apps run fast! webMethods is made for cloud-native integrations that scale down, up or out depending on your business needs.

                Integrate SaaS apps

Save time with out-of-the-box connectivity to SaaS applications, like Salesforce® and ServiceNow®, and industry-standard protocols, such as REST, SOAP and Odata.

                Automate workflows

Connect 300+ SaaS apps, no coding required. Then start transforming and mapping data between different sources to integrate your operations.

                Develop with DevOps

webMethods supports DevOps and enables you to build and deploy integrations using your organization’s CI/CD processes.

                Make it easy to build integrations

Use an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI to design, assemble and deploy workflows for cloud and on-premises applications.

                Unite integrations on one platform

Applications, clouds, legacy, big data, IoT data—integrate it all. Connect whatever you need with webMethods.

                    Why hybrid integration matters 

The world isn't cloud-native, but must act that way. Hybrid integration helps make that - and much else - happen. That's why a flexible, hybrid approach to integration using a best-in-class platform is a winning strategy.

                Connect everything—
app to edge

As THE #1 industry leader in hybrid integration, our integration platform and products do more than connect SaaS to on-premises applications. It’s a true business enabler that reaches across your organization to connect all the “things” that matter most.

With 300+ ready-to-use connectors for every leading SaaS application, you can connect without coding and count on the broadest connectivity capabilities to integrate everything and scale as needed. Learn more in this PoV paper.

                    Integrate faster, innovate faster

Gain access to the largest number of data sources on the market. You’ll be using the only enterprise application integration tool that allows you to develop solutions from low-code to high-productivity integrations. Free your data to increase agility and accelerate the development of innovative digital applications and services.

                    Lift & shift in 3 clicks

What if you could run in the cloud without rebuilding anything? With webMethods, you can easily connect to SaaS applications from existing integrations in the cloud. Take on-premises services and migrate them to the cloud in three clicks.

                    Build once, deploy anywhere

Deploy webMethods on-premises, or let us do it for you with our iPaaS. Or deploy in a distributed cloud environment in a modern microservices architecture. Or go hybrid, where integrations span on-premises and cloud applications. Integrations count on having the same consistent platform regardless of your deployment choice.

                    Lower TCO

Instantly integrate in the cloud with our iPaaS. lets you start small, scale and grow—without waiting for IT to set up hardware. Your application integration solution will be hosted, managed and upgraded automatically saving you both time and money.

                    Access open standards

To ramp-up on webMethods, developers can use the language of their choice–Java®, C# and Node.js included. With nothing new to learn, your development teams can accelerate your integrations and move your projects from concept to completion.

                    Act on insights from your data warehouse

See how Software AG's recently announced partnership with Matillion can create a single source of truth for all data - even when stored in warehouses - to help them make better business decisions in real time.

                    See, decide & act with Software AG

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