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Claro SA: Boosting customer experience with ARIS in the cloud

Smiling bearded man looking at his smart phone at a train station.
Smiling bearded man looking at his smart phone at a train station.
Meet the customer:
Claro SA is a Brazilian telecommunications company offering integrated solutions for connectivity, entertainment, productivity, and digital services. It is present in more than 4,800 Brazilian municipalities, with more than 83 million customers. Claro SA was founded in 2003 and is part of the América Móvil Group. It is the 5th most valuable brand in Brazil (BrandZ).
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  • Democratization of information for all Claro employees
  • Desire to foster a process culture aligned to business strategy
  • Ambition to make the customer journey faster and more efficient
  • Need to increase control and maintain compliance
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  • Migrated 2,000 documents and 900 processes to ARIS in the cloud for real-time visibility across the organization
  • Committed to exploring further BPM opportunities, including task mining and ARIS for sustainability
  • Provided access to more than 3,500 new users during launch of Claro ARIS

ARIS supports Claro's transformation with process governance, guided by the customer's journey and voice, ensuring the current operation, improving the performance of processes and indicators, meeting compliance and regulations, and also democratizing the information across the company.”

- Andréa Campos, Customer Experience Director
Innovating in process intelligence with an integrated transformation suite

Since the privatization of Brazilian telecommunications in 1998, the sector has developed rapidly, with companies competing to digitalize services and have their piece of the broadband pie. In this market, customer service is a differentiator.

At Claro SA, the Process Management team, who report to the CX structure, are intrapreneurs. Understanding, modeling and analyzing a process tends to be more effective with methods, tools and data. Claro was looking for a single source of truth that could be 100% relied upon. This search for a reliable way to find the truth about current processes had to be collaborative.

By applying process mining to workflow-based processes, the discovery of bottlenecks and loss of efficiency were clear, but the opportunities for optimizing these processes by simplifying and reducing the number of steps was the main gain from using the tool.

As a differential for success, the integration of the process management team, the IT team and those responsible for the business proved to be a decisive factor in the work.

Process excellence the Claro way

By migrating ARIS to the cloud, Claro SA has improved end-to-end transparency and visibility, enabling operational efficiency, better information sharing, and reduced risk. With ARIS Process Mining, the company is continuing its process improvement journey to gather more KPIs, enhance critical processes, increase revenue and build a better customer experience in a highly competitive landscape.

Making processes available and democratizing the understanding of the way the company works above all was a request from Claro’s employees.

At Claro, the people who build the processes in ARIS are not from a single area but rather are a group of people that form the Claro process community called Advanced Process Centers that use ARIS and the e-BPM-Claro methodology for mapping and updating processes.

Additionally, the company is looking at complementary ARIS solutions such as task mining (RPD) to enhance what it can achieve and offer to internal customers and to become more proactive. It has also expressed an interest in ARIS for sustainability—an ESG accelerator available in ARIS—to operationalize sustainability into the process architecture and ARIS accessibility.

Ultimately, the company is extending the use of ARIS to all staff and positions. The CLARO ARIS works as an information hub and a central point for business transformation since it launched in July, 2023.  

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