ARIS for sustainability: See it in action

Sustainability is only possible with the right processes in place. See how ARIS for Sustainability integrates sustainability into business process management.

Not long ago, sustainability was a buzzword that had little to do with your bottom line. Today it’s at the heart of everything — from brand reputation and innovation, to growing revenues and maintaining a thriving business. It is fundamentally changing the way individuals behave and the way that businesses operate

Defining your sustainability goals—let alone achieving them—can feel daunting. How can you mitigate climate risks, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and secure your brand’s reputation, ahead of the competition? 

of highly powered consumers plan to increase efforts to identify brands that reduce environmental impact.
trillion dollars in estimated annual market opportunity for adopting business practices in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
of C-suite executives report regulatory pressure to act on climate change.

Only through process change can the transformative power of IT be fully leveraged to create environmentally sustainable organizations. Which in turn, will create an environmentally sustainable society.”

- Dr. Stefan Siedel, Chair of Information Systems and Innovation, University of Lichtenstein

                    The green disruption

From global climate frameworks, to regional carbon-reduction pacts, to the UN’s bold Agenda for Sustainable Development, new policies, laws, and regulations designed to forge a sustainable world are everywhere. As a business, navigating all of this can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. Learn how ARIS for sustainability can guide you to a greener future. 

                    ARIS for sustainability

BPM makes sustainability goals become reality. It anchors ESG to the core of your operations. It bases your goals on real data. It makes them transparent and it holds you more accountable. It’s how processes are making our world a better place.

                    Your path to sustainability

Strive to be sustainable and you’ll break down silos, open up new markets and create operational efficiencies. No wonder digital and sustainability transformation programs belong embedded together in a coherent roadmap. But where do you start? How can you translate ESG pillars into business operations? And which technologies and capabilities do you need? Get a guided tour through this journey.

                    Put a structure around your strategy

Long before sustainability and ESG became front and center, ARIS was helping organizations achieve greater end-to-end visibility and the transparency needed to make better business decisions. Learn how ARIS can help deliver true business transformation through your processes. 

                    Manage change across your organization

How well you roll out new business processes is critical to your digital transformation—and to preparing your organization to embrace a more sustainable future. Learn how ARIS can serve as your company’s single source of truth—so that anyone, anywhere, anytime can contribute to your transformation.
Turn your ESG theory into action

At Software AG, we believe the key to sustainability lies in your processes. With ARIS for sustainability, a “Green BPM” solution based on our #1 market-leading business process analysis and management platform, you can anchor your sustainability goals to the very core of your operations. ARIS bases your goals on real data, giving you unmatched transparency, control, and accountability. It also gives your stakeholders confidence that sustainability is good for business. 

No matter what your business does and what size it is, ARIS helps bring your sustainability goals to life. The ARIS for sustainability accelerator package allows you to assess your company’s baseline ESG maturity; build a strategy that maps your sustainability mission and vision; operationalize and rollout new ESG-critical processes; and track & report your progress with robust analytics that will help you guarantee compliance and turn your data and insights into action.

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Accelerate your sustainability journey

Download the ARIS for sustainability accelerator package and get a jump start on achieving your sustainability goals.
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