ARIS Enterprise

                Gain maximum potential from your business processes 

                Full-scale process excellence

Get the complete ARIS capability stack with ARIS Enterprise ... all the functionality you need to implement enterprise-wide process management and achieve maximum value. ARIS Enterprise offers full configurability and integration capabilities that map to your specific needs. Use business dashboards to communicate and visualize important KPIs. Simulation helps you solve bottlenecks in your process landscape. Governance workflow is included to help you to control your process lifecycle.

                        Make change happen with ARIS Enterprise

In the face of increasing volatility and complexity, your company must transform to stay competitive. In this context, ARIS gives you the five keys to make change happen–from strategy to everyone!

                Why you’ll love 
ARIS Enterprise

                Unlimited scalability

Scale and grow with ARIS Enterprise. With role-based access, social collaboration streams and focused management dashboards, ARIS Enterprise lets everyone in your organization participate in your transformation journey.

                Analyze, visualize, decide!

Analysis and dashboarding provide you with powerful and new insights so you can see, decide and act quickly. Explore how to fully analyze your repository using the query feature and share your analysis on KPIs with dashboards.

                Govern processes end to end

World-class processes need world-class management. Establish enterprise-wide business process management policies and automate your governance workflows. Ideal for complex processes used by many people.

“Even the most flexible on-premises solution is no match for the evergreen nature of the cloud. Deploying ARIS means we benefit from having the best enterprise process management solution on the market with faster access to new capabilities as they are released. We are already seeing the benefits of this investment in our process architecture.”

Head of Process Architecture, Nationwide

See, decide & act with Software AG

Unlock the power of process excellence with ARIS