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Get ready for business during an eruption of disruption with a digital business transformation program that works. How? By grounding your transformation strategy on an actual operational model, not just on presentations and spreadsheets.

A business process analysis (BPA) and management platform is the foundation to keep strategy and operations aligned, and to orient all employees around a "single way of working" through process excellence. 

For almost three decades, ARIS has been the #1 business process analysis (BPA) and management software solution for organizations seeking to embrace digital transformation. ARIS offers true business process transformation via tightly managed and controlled change. With ARIS,  you will create, manage and analyze your end-to-end business processes—which is the secret to operational excellence that gives stakeholders the tools and insights they need to make better decisions every day.

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Business process transformation is a way of creating and managing processes to support evolving business goals. It helps make those goals more actionable and keeps the project moving forward. It can also help to introduce new technology, departments and vendors that would otherwise introduce confusion. Business process transformation makes processes—no matter how big or small—totally transparent and meticulously controlled. 

Because the processes are closely tracked, businesses can also align them with internal and external regulation to ensure compliance and minimize risk. 

Business process management (BPM) is an approach to improving an organization’s processes by aligning with the organization’s strategy and with the goal of improving efficiency. Process management is a continuous process itself rather than just a one-time project. Organizations starting with BPM typically first need to collect all relevant information from departments across the company that are often working in silos and using different tools and formats.

Once done, they document and design the processes in a single source of truth to gain transparency into what they are doing. Then they can start analyzing and improving processes, with the possibility to add further disciplines like simulation, risk & compliance management, RPA or process mining. Process Mining is frequently added to BPM to compare the designed to-be processes with the executed as-is processes. This helps companies to immediately identify bottlenecks and improve their operations even faster.


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