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                Why Software AG for APIs, integration and microservices?

To keep up, the modern enterprise needs to innovate at mach speed. But innovation can’t get off the ground without digitalizing and connecting all systems – both in the cloud and on premises.

Software AG’s webMethods API, integration (iPaaS & on-prem) and microservices platform offers unified out-of-the-box connectivity that has been architected for the next generation of challenges in digital transformation.

Our mission is to clear the roadblocks to your digital future.


“webMethods API Gateway has been the driving force behind our push for Mobile Readiness. It allowed us to unveil new digital products and services that are faster, more secure and enable a vastly improved digital shopping experience.”

Dries Vanmarcke,
Technical Integration Architect, Colruyt Group

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Technology is constanly evolving as the world is constantly changing. This means opportunity for the businesses that use APIs, integration and microservices to innovate faster and think (and act) digital-first. Our suite of products help you turn IT and tech trends into real benefits, launching digital projects faster with comprehensive out-of-the box connectivity.

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