API enablement of
Natural & COBOL

                Extend your mission-critical applications using APIs in ONE click

                API enablement—your no-code approach to integration

Reuse your investment in mission-critical business logic in new systems and projects—without recoding! It’s easy with API enablement of Natural and COBOL applications. By using APIs for integration, the “lingua franca” of standards-based interoperability, you can accelerate new initiatives and innovations.

                Reuse logic

Ensure your investment in core applications keeps driving results. API enablement is the quickest way to reuse Natural and COBOL business logic in new projects.

                Produce APIs

Produce APIs from programming logic and transactions for consumption by .NET® and Java® applications. Join the digital economy via REST.

                Consume APIs

Enhance your Natural and COBOL applications by accessing and using business logic developed elsewhere and provided via APIs. It's easy!

                    API-enable your core apps without recoding

How can you ensure your organization’s investment in Adabas & Natural pays dividends in the future? The answer is API enablement.

                    Be integration friendly

With API enablement, your Natural and COBOL applications are as “integration friendly” as any other asset on-premises or in the cloud. Connect core applications to internal systems and other applications with ease.

                    Improve customer experience

APIs help you serve customers more fully and efficiently as well as create brand new business processes. With API enablement, you can offer a simple interface that hides mainframe complexity. Assure mobile access to mission-critical capabilities, and support partners with new business services and automated processes.

                    Drive down costs

Your organization has invested significant resources to create, implement and maintain the critical business logic that runs on your core systems. If that business logic is needed by other systems, the least costly approach is to expose that business logic without changing any code. API enablement drives down your cost of digitalization!

                    Integrate without coding

API-enable your mainframe application with screen-based integration if your application source code is lost or not set up properly to encode as an API. Capture your 3270 screens to quickly turn this application into an API provider … without touching your code.

                    Give new life to core applications

Now you can leverage programming logic and transactions from a wide variety of host environments to create new APIs for consumption by .NET, Java® and cloud-based applications.

                    Destination ... APIs!

Expose Natural or COBOL apps as APIs in one click. See how easy API enablement can be.

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