Incorporate DevOps 
with NaturalONE

                Modernize and deploy new applications faster

                Welcome a new generation of developers to Natural

DevOps meets Natural in NaturalONE, our Eclipse®-based development environment.  

                Set a new standard

Use open-source Eclipse tools to develop, modernize, manage and integrate applications intuitively. Harmonize your application development efforts.  

                Master DevOps

Code, test and maintain applications for continuous delivery. Develop quality code in teams using versioning and code-change history management.

                Expose & consume 

Expose your Natural applications as services. You can also consume any service outside your organization as a NaturalONE object.

                Modernize applications

Transform Natural applications into web-based applications without restructuring code with AJAX. It’s as easy drag, drop, done!

                Create rich internet

Build bridges to your business users by transforming map-based Natural applications into powerful rich internet applications.

                Promote team

Using a repository, developers can “check out” a copy of the latest source code, work concurrently and then merge code upon “check in.”

                Deliver Natural applications faster

What if you had a standardized platform to create new web applications, expose Natural objects as services, and develop collaboratively with business users? Here's why you'll love NaturalONE.  

                    Develop faster at less cost

Significantly lower the time and cost of application development, maintenance and staff training using the NaturalONE Eclipse-based environment. Not only will you standardize on Eclipse, which supports many languages, you’ll be able to take advantage of open-source plug-ins for Eclipse. You can modernize applications without restructuring source code.

                    Deliver quality 
functionality fast

Pairing continuous delivery with NaturalONE’s many automated tools means business functionality can be delivered more quickly and with better quality. Automatic interactive testing and debugging tools accelerate application delivery. And those applications will provide an enhanced user experience thanks to NaturalONE’s support for AJAX and RIA.

                    Attract new talent

NaturalONE is a modern environment that’s both familiar and exciting to work in. Developers of all ages, especially younger ones, will enjoy Eclipse, DevOps and continuous development/integration.

                    How to develop & 
deploy apps faster

Bring a continuous-deployment mindset to your
organization’s most business-critical software.

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