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Designing more efficient processes lets you respond quickly to changing business or market requirements. Without process design, you can lose out on revenue, customers and more. Software AG’s business process analysis (BPA) solution,  ARIS, helps you manage business transformation.

See how you can design, document, analyze—then optimize—your business-critical processes with the ARIS business process analysis platform. 

Model your business
Models influence organizational structures, processes, application systems, data and more. Create a single source of truth to align your strategy with your operations.
Design & manage processes
Create models quickly with business notations or OMG standards such as BPMN™ 2.0 and DMN™ in a central repository with relevant documents.
Map customer journeys
Understand customer needs, track interactions and externally view processes, as well as define touchpoints and enrich the customer experience.
Analyze with dashboards
Connect real-world and conceptual data to present KPIs in consolidated, context-sensitive dashboards to make decisions based on clear visual insights.
Simulate business scenarios
Realistically simulate and dynamically analyze business processes to identify the best strategies for improvements before making changes.
The Forrester Wave™: Process Intelligence Software, Q3 2023
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Explore our ARIS products
ARIS Basic
ARIS Basic is our starter edition with all the essential features for professional business process management.  
ARIS Advanced
ARIS Advanced is the next level of business process management. You gain full flexibility of method and access control.
ARIS Enterprise
ARIS Enterprise offers full capabilities for business process management and enterprise-wide transformation.
Business process analysis your way
ARIS is available in different editions to fit the needs of your organization. Looking to start now with minimal investment? ARIS Basic is designed to kickstart your first process improvement project. ARIS Advanced is designed for those who have reached a level of maturity that requires customization and advanced user management. With ARIS Enterprise you can establish a full-scale enterprise BPA program using the complete ARIS capabilities stack.  

                    Find the $8 million opportunity

Make sure you're investing in the best solution for business transformation. Forrester Consulting just published the Total Economic Impact™ of ARIS study. See the costs and benefits customers can expect from their investment in ARIS.

                    Gain clear insights into the business

Want greater end-to-end visibility and transparency within your business operations to future-proof business decisions? Create, analyze and manage your entire process model with ARIS to share your business design strategy with everyone in your organization. Understand interdependencies between organizational structures, needed resources, potential risks and IT. A central repository assures you have access to consistent and reusable data.

                    Prepare Your Workforce for the AI-Driven Future

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in an AI-driven world. Learn practical strategies from Forrester to enhance efficiency, boost performance, and seamlessly integrate AI into your operations. Empower your employees to embrace emerging technologies and drive innovation.

                    Actionable insights for faster decisions

The best decisions are based on reliable and complete data—yet the volume of business data you have changes daily. You need to transform that data into something meaningful for your business. ARIS makes that possible. Mix documented processes with real measurements from dashboard sources for new insights into your processes and their dependencies. Query, analyze and visualize dependencies to make critical decisions faster.

                    Be customer-centric

Put customers at the heart of your business. With ARIS customer journey mapping, your processes will result in a positive customer experience. See your business from the customer’s point of view and unveil new ways to satisfy customer needs. Identify gaps, issues and opportunities in your processes that affect how customers feel about doing business with you.

                    Creating process assets is simple

Discover how ARIS simplifies your daily tasks with its intuitive, user-centric design. Smart modeling supports quick and easy process design to increase efficiencies. Keep business information up to date and connect process knowledge with related documents and information.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
Airbus Defence and Space needed to take a centralized, user-centric approach to their business process management. They chose ARIS.
Transparency. Efficiency. Better customer experience. These are just three of the benefits Şekerbank saw from working with ARIS.
Emirates NBD


Emirates NBD improved its process design and deployment from 1-3 weeks to just 48 hours. ARIS made it possible.

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BPMN 2.0 in ARIS is unique
ARIS BPMN 2.0 includes all important entities and their explanations, such as symbols in one single view.  
Smart modeling for easy processes
Learn how to design event-driven process chain (EPC) models in this five-minute smart modeling tutorial.
Create an EPC model from scratch
Event-driven process chain (EPC) is one of the central modeling notations in ARIS. Learn how to maximize the benefits of it.
Are you ready to make your processes excellent?
Full-scale process excellence helps you analyze, visualize and decide faster to boost efficiency, enhance agility and maintain consistency.