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MUDUM offers non-life insurance products ranging from home to car to health insurance, among others. The company was established in 1996 with Crédit Agricole Assurances becoming its sole shareholder in 2020. Crédit Agricole Assurances is the leading insurance-banking player in Europe—present in 8 countries with 5,100 employees.


  • IT Segregation challenge after shareholders’ major change
  • Four different in-house integration solutions but one powerful middleware sought
  • Vision to increase and rollout digital and omnichannel services with its real-time communication challenges
  • Increasing need to guarantee architecture components integration, including external parterns, to power a 360-view of the customer
  • Desire to harness API-driven ecosystem economy and need to develop new API-enabled services on a low time-to-market cycle


  • Successfully separated and migrated data from legacy and shared systems to a powerful integration platform, achieving integration unified view
  • Modernized B2B integration through APIs, with improved overview of partner file exchanges
  • Power the ability to set up services for a seamless customer journey
  • Set up API Management Gateway for governance with thriving developer portal
  • Went from 65% to 97% of claims answered on first call in comparable peak period—APIs contributed for this achievement

                    “We were in a situation where we could not build on what we had, so we reviewed our integration architecture to be able to exchange data and file securely while leveraging future capabilities to power business in an API ecosystem economy. Software AG & FINDMORE DIGITAL were the chosen partners in terms of technology providor and systems integrator.”

— Mara Ferreira – Head of Data, Technology & Transformation (CIO and CDO) at MUDUM

A fresh start for an insurance provider

The tide of digitalization keeps rising, and the insurance industry is not exempt. Insurance providers need to adopt new technologies to accelerate their digital transformation, provide a 24/7 customer experience, and partner up to maximize value in an ecosystem economy. Key among these technologies are APIs, which securely expose and proliferate data especially across third party architectures. So, when Credit Agricole Assurances become MUDUM’s sole shareholder in 2020, the company needed modernize its business at the core using a scalable integration platform with a future-proof API architecture, since keeping the previous solutions was not suitable for evolution.” explains Mara.

In the search for a new solution, top of mind for the company was the daunting task of segregation from its former “sister” insurance company. That meant detangling the complex web of data, partner and systems integrations spread across multiple in-house integrations tools and legacy solutions. “We had a list of requirements on our RFI for various functionalities, security, useability, and scalability. We wanted an independent provider with open standards technology that could help us connect our modernized business, fast. “– Mara Ferreira – Head of Data, Technology & Transformation (CIO and CDO) at MUDUM

The right solution for a big vision

In the end it came down to Mulesoft, IBM and Software AG. They all offered a full fledged integration platform with API management, but Software AG’s solution could access legacy data, had a thriving developer portal, and came with a remarkable local implementation partner. Decision made. "Together with Findmore Digital” Paulo Sousa, Head of Development from MUDUM explains, “the team got to work, starting with installation and platform configuration, moving on to migrating previous existing interfaces and developing new ones.”

Next came the exciting part: To harness the full potential of MUDUM’s—now—connected enterprise by building a 360 view of the customer to offer a better customer journey. They also sought to monetize new services that could be taken to market by third-parties. Less than a year in, there is already a use case for both.

Customer APIness

Efficient claims management enhance customer journey: Claim submission is a critical customer service touchpoint—and must be managed perfectly. MUDUM has an ongoing Claims Transformation program where several initiatives were implemented. Teams were structured to provide cross-functional support, and new technology capabilities are being set-up. Before launching their Customer Engagement Center Solution (360 customer view), claims managers had to navigate through several solutions or several options within the same solution to get customer information, and inbound calls did not provide context to the claims managers. Today, claims managers have aggregated context information about customers when they call, and all ongoing claims and services enable a quicker response and improve customer service. “Our agents know when the customer last called, and the exact details of ongoing claims,” Mara explains.

“This has had a huge impact on customer service and drastically reduced the time to provide information to customers. In fact, when the usual December rush at the end of 2022 collided with a stretch of bad weather, claims rolled in. But amazingly, the rate at which requests were able to be answered on the very first call skyrocketed compared to previous years. Our rates jumped from less than 80% to 97%! “Vanda Caetano (Customer Service Department Manager) says. These stats aren’t solely attributable to API management, but they’re “an important piece of the puzzle” Mara says.

Omnichannel journey and new business partners (B2B2C): As part of business transformation and digital & omnichannel journey, MUDUM has been able to create new, omnichannel insurance packages and capabilities making them available through APIs to its partners. Through the developer portal they can expose data to third parties—such as other business partners — who then sell MUDUM services directly. “Take home insurance as an example,” Mara explains, “Now end customers can go onto third-party sites—online, via a mobile app, or into a bank itself—and get a quote, price, or offer. Previously they would have needed to go into one of partner branches or call the direct line to get their final policy. Now prospects and customers have new digital services like this example available.” Says Paulo, “And the short term plan is to scale and roll services such as this across different insurance types such as motor and health, among others.”

And they’re just getting started…

MUDUM is only at the beginning of its incredible transformation. And more services with new partners are constantly being unlocked. Here, Software AG is providing extra capability to trace and log all file exchanges with partners through Managed File Transfer (MFT). And as for the future, MUDUM isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

“APIs play a huge part in ambitions for MUDUM going forward. We know that there are so many more services and products we can offer, but it’s not just the technology that enables this. If you can’t get the right people in the company on board from the beginning, it’s a non-starter. Choosing the right integration partner, as well as the right implementor, has been key to getting everyone rowing in the same direction” Mara concludes.

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