API management

                Connect data, apps, devices—all the “things” you need to speed innovation with APIs and microservices

                Maximize your API investment

Get new products and services out the door—faster! APIs and microservices can help you deliver new and differentiating products and services that improve customer engagement and loyalty to positively impact your bottom line.

From new mobile applications and omnichannel initiatives, to improved e-commerce and business processes, APIs and microservices power differentiation and business growth in disruptive markets.

                Control API security

Protect APIs, data and microservices with authentication and access control. Set thresholds and limits to control API usage.

                Get microservices

Group and manage microservices just like you would with business apps.  Reuse and govern them to take control and avoid chaos.

                Monetize your data

Monitor who's using your APIs and microservices with increased transparency. Measure what's being consumed to directly or indirectly impact revenue.

                Attract developers

Create a storefront for your APIs with an API portal. Grow your developer ecosystem and build a community around your APIs.

                Catalog APIs

Manage the full API lifecycle across your entire API landscape. Catalog and govern all assets, from services to APIs, to understand the impact of change.

                Monitor API consumption

Avoid overspending on APIs. Measure what's being consumed and set thresholds with usage limits to control costs and tightly manage your budget.

                Accelerate API innovations with webMethods 

End-to-end lifecycle management is the foundation for rapid, secure delivery of high-quality APIs. With the webMethods API Acceleration Platform, you can free your data to deliver innovative digital products and services that are self-service, personalized and automated.

Our webMethods API Acceleration Platform includes all the API management capabilities you need to go-to-market faster. Fused with application and network integration, our API platform helps you connect everything from app to edge. 

                    Build APIs in 1 click

Instantly create APIs from existing services with a single tool. Don’t define the API or define the structure. Just identify it (one click) and webMethods does it for you.

                    Agility without chaos

Deploy microservices and manage them with confidence to move at the speed of innovation. The result? Agility, without the risk of chaos that can accompany service mesh architectures.


                    Protect your data

Securely provide access to your enterprise data and services to the outside world using an API platform.

                    Reduce latency

Store large amounts of transactional data in-memory to improve performance, reduce latency for data access, and scale your APIs for any volume.

                    Access open standards

Work with the latest standards without being locked in. Use the same platform to build different types of APIs. Ensure compliance and protections are in place as you support the most popular API use cases (data, user experience, request/reply) and more.

                    See why webMethods is #1 for API management

Regardless of your API needs, there is one plaftorm that is here to help. Learn why Software AG’s webMethods is rated the #1 platform.

                    See, decide & act with Software AG

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