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We conduct architecture reviews and assessments to provide operational and tactical advice on the options and next steps a customer could take to maximize the short, mid and long term value of its IT systems.

With decades of integration and BPM project implementation experience using the webMethods suite, we provide end to end project management for the most difficult and complex integration projects.


Highly scalable webMethods monitoring

InfraMon is a Lightweight monitor that scales to monitor thousands of webMethods servers while being able to be deployed in days. Supports more than 200 KPI's and requires zero changes to your webMethods insfrastructure to be deployed.

 Highly scalable webMethods monitoring

Features and Benefits

Highly Scalable
A single instance of infraMon is in use by existing clients to monitor in excess of a thousand servers.
False alarm avoidance
Extensive feature set to ensure avery alarm raised is a meaningful alarm

False alarm avoidance

Thresholds per server and KPI

Alarming thresholds can be defined globally and configured individually. This ensures quick rollout and allows fine tuning where needed.

Peak suppression

Alarms are defined by setting both a threshold and a number of monitoring periods the threshold has to be exceeded, set individually by amber and red alarm.

Open integration with external monitoring tools

solidMon can both raise and terminate alarms with unique id's on tools like openview and Tivoli. An open api allows integration with virtually any tool.

Broker Monitoring
KPI's for all brokers in your network are collected and displayed on a single screen.
  • Availabilty
  • Real Time status and statistic history of broker availability
    Separate monitoring for broker server and broker instances
  • Data Store Usage
  • Queue Length
  • Stale Queue Detection
  • Clients / docs retrieved / docs delivered
  • Monitor and analyze individual queues
  • Territoty connections
  • Monitor separately brokers clients
  • Queue Age
  • Detect and sort by age of documents in queue
  • Performance
  • Docs / minute and byte throughput
Zero Dependencies
infraMon is deployed as a webMethods integration server package and doesn't require databases, mywebMethods or a separate broker network to run. This ensures both a quick and a very resilient deployment. You don't want to have to monitor your monitoring infrastructure.
Integration Server Monitoring
Among other monitor the following KPi's for integration server: -Server up/down -Memory usage - Errors/min - Threads - Sessions - ART Adapters - Server Pools - wmDB - Scheduled jobs - TN transactions - Reverse invoke - Size and response time of server DBs.
integration Server Monitoring

Server up/down

In one screen get overview of server availability and uptime.

Memory usage

Instant and historic memory usage.



Adapters drill down

Solidmon Screenshot 1


Defining the thresholds for optimize server

Solidmon Screenshot 2


Live compare of integration servers

Solidmon Screenshot 3

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Event Fabric

Event Driven HTML5 Dashboard

Real time event driven HTML5 dashboards. On premise or cloud, fully web based, supports Universal Messaging, Broker, Integration Server and Terracotta.

Event Driven HTML5 Dashboard

Features and Benefits

Real Time Both event stream processing and visualization are end to end straight through and low latency.
Visual event stream design

The whole processing pipeline for the event, either parallel or serial is designed visually.

Event Fabric Screenshot 3

Full webMethods Stack support
Integrated out of the box with all event driven sources from Software AG.


Enrich events with data in Terracotta.

Universal Messaging

Universal messaging native support. Subscribe correlate and process multiple sources in one dashboard.

Visual Mapping and Transformation
Define your event mapping, correlation and transformation visually.

Visual Mapping and Transformation
Rich Visualisation widgets 16 widgets out of the box with an open api to adapt JQuery or any other HTML5 widgets.

Rich Visualisation widgets

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